Duck Tours, Bumboat and Trishaw


Probably the most unusual way to do your sightseeing is to board the Wacky DUCK, an amphibious American military craft once used in the Vietnam war, for an-hour long DUCKtour heritage trail on land and water. The journey brings you up close to Singapore’s famous skyline, famous historical landmarks and gorgeous bay views. You’ll also be hearing the Singapore story from the DUCKtainer commentating live onboard the craft.

Bumboat Ride

Embark on a voyage through time and experience what it was like riding on an authentic Bumboat that used to ferry cargo at Singapore’s historic trading port. Soak in the tranquil ambience of the riversides where warehouses once stood, but are now restored and transformed into vibrant shophouses, restaurants and pubs. Enjoy the intriguing blend of old and new, fiction and fact, cultures and traditions that is Uniquely Singapore.

Trishaw Ride

Trishaw, a form of transportation in the early days, whereby the trishaw riders formed the early backbone of Singapore’s labour force, using their manual strength to get people to places. Trishaw riders began initially as rickshaw pullers. With the evolution of rickshaws to the three-wheeled trishaws, many became trishaw riders, often using the vehicle as their own home or for hawking food. Trishaw riders were primarily Chinese immigrants who had worked as coolies or rickshaw pullers. Many of the trishaw riders can converse fairly fluent in three dialects as well as a little English. Majority of them came to Singapore around the period of World War II, with the bulk arriving during the late 1930s. Most of those who took on the job had little skills and needed to earn a living fast. Many modified their trishaws so that it often served as a roving hawker stall as well. A trishaw expedition will bring you through the colourful, quaint and bustling streets of Singapore to experience the nostalgic memories and dynamic aspirations of Singapore.




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