Harbour Cruise on Imperial Cheng Ho

More than 600 years ago, the renowned Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho embarked on his brave mission to discover new lands and peoples. He sailed across oceans and seas, spreading China’s influence to Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa. Some accounts say he even reached America – several years before Christopher Columbus!
Now you can experience the fun of sailing in a modern Chinese junk, designed and built to replicate the imperial splendour of centuries ago. This contemporary junk, with pagoda roof, ornately carved imperial dragons by her flanks and tiger’s head at the bow, cuts a striking swathe across the southern waters of Singapore.
There are 3 cruises a day – namely, Morning Cruise, High Tea / Dragon Cruise & Dinner Cruise. Except for the Dinner Cruise and during the annual kusu pilgrimage, stopover at Kusu Island or Turtle Island to visit an ancient Chinese Temple – Tua Pek Kong Temple, an unassuming little Taoist temple dedicated to the Merchant God; a terrapin sanctuary whereby you’ll see lots of the reptiles scampering about  and a Malay shrine – Keramat Kusu, an unusual Muslim shrine (not a mosque) atop a small hill, dedicated to the saint Syed Abdul Rahman and his family who lived there in the 19th century. The shrine is painted bright yellow and is visited in particular by childless couples.
Be it the day or the evening cruise, you will bound to enjoy the attractive sights and a memorable sail.

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