Night Safari

Embark on a night adventure in the world’s first night zoo and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. The nocturnal park occupies 40 hectares of secondary rainforest adjacent to the Singapore Zoo and Upper Seletar Reservoir. Unlike traditional nocturnal houses which reverse the day-night cycle of animals so they will be active by day, the Night Safari is an entire open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night. It is divided into eight geographical zones, which can be explored wither on foot via three walking trails or by tram.
The animals of the Night Safari, ranging from Indian rhinoceros to tarsiers, are made visible by lightings that resemble moonlight. Although it is brighter than full moonlight by a few orders of magnitude, it is dim enough not to disturb nocturnal and crepuscular animals’ behavior. Exhibits in the Night Safari come from South America and parts of Asia. The naturalistic enclosures simulate the animal’s native habitat. Animals are separated from visitors with natural barriers, rather than caged, which is similar to the Singapore Zoo’s open concept. Instead of vertical prison-like cages, cattle grids were laid all over the park to prevent hoofed animals from moving one habitat to another. These are grille-like metal sheets with gaps wide enough for the animals’ legs to go through, yet posing a safety to visitors. Moats were designed to look like streams and rivers to enable fishing cats and servals to be put on show in open areas, and hot wires were designed to look like twigs to keep animals away from boundaries of their enclosures.
Cultural performances are a regular feature at the Night Safari, and include tribal dances, blowpipe demonstrations and fire-eating displays. Creatures of the Night Show is a performance presented by the animals in the Night Safari.
Roam the jungle and view the wild in close proximity in the complete safety and comfort of a Tram which takes you through the East and West Loops. Pass by the Upper Seletar Reservoir and weave through selected habitats designed specifically to replicate the natural environment from the Himalayan foothills to the Southeast Asian rainforests and Indian subcontinent. Enjoy the spectacular creatures and animals that have adapted to nocturnal jungle life. Amidst the vast dense forest of Singapore, the Night Safari is where the drama and mystery of the tropical jungle comes alive after dusk and offers respite from our hectic urban madness.

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