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Explore the best rainforest zoo in the world, where over 2,800 animals and an exciting ecological adventure awaits you. The Singapore Zoo occupies 28 hectares on the margins of Upper Seletar Reservoir within Singapore’s heavily forested central catchment area. From the very beginning, Singapore Zoo followed the modern trend of displaying animals in naturalistic, ‘open’ concept exhibits with hidden barriers, moats and glass between the animals and visitors. It houses the largest captive colony of orang-utans in the world. Animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by either dry or wet moats. The moats are concealed with vegetation or dropped below the line of vision. Dangerous animals that can climb well are housed in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. The Zoo has not expanded beyond the original 28 hectares. However, 40 hectares of secondary forest were later developed into the Night Safari. The remaining undeveloped land has been kept as wooded land. This and the waters of Upper Seletar Reservoir contribute to the Zoo, giving it a sense of natural, unrestricted space. 

The Wildlife Healthcare &Research Centre was opened in March 2006 as part of the Zoo’s efforts in wildlife conservation. The centre further underscores Singapore Zoo and Night Safari’s commitment to conservation research, providing the infrastructure for the parks and overseas zoological partners to better execute their research programmes. The Singapore Zoo is the first zoo in the world to breed a polar bear in the tropics. The Zoo also embarked on various rescue and conservation efforts to protect wildlife.
Stroll along the shaded boardwalks and observe the animals as they frolic amidst lush surroundings that mimic their habitat in the wild. The Zoo also offers various modes of rides available within the premises: trams, animals, boat, pony and horse carriage rides. Strollers, wagons and wheelchairs can also be rented.
Have a hearty breakfast amid lush green rainforest and in the good company of the star animals. “Breakfast with an Orangutan” lets visitors to meet and interact closely with the orang-utans in the Zoo, which has included Ah Meng (died on 08 February 2008) who was an icon of the Singapore tourism industry. Animal shows, as well as token feedings coupled with live commentaries by the zoo keepers are also the daily staple in the Singapore Zoo.
The “Elephants at Work and Play” show demonstrates the heavyweights in action; how elephants are used as beasts of burden in Southeast Asian countries. The animal caretakers are referred to as mahouts, and the show simulates how a mahout would instruct an elephant to transport logs or kneel down so that they can be mounted.
The “Animal Friends” show, housed in the Kidzworld amphitheatre in the Zoo’s children’s section, features mostly domesticated animals such as dogs and parrots performing tricks.
Other Star Attractions and Blockbuster Shows include:-
Critters & Crawlies Unite – Fragile Forest
Swing on Over – Free-ranging Orang Utans
Monkey-ing Around – The Great Rift Valley of Ethopia
Where Kidz Rule – Rainforest Kidzworld
Hop Down Under – Australian Outback
Rainforest Fights Back
Splash Safari

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