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The Asian Civilisation Museum is an institution which forms a part of the three museums of the National Museum of Singapore. As one of the National Museums of Singapore under the National heritage Board, ACM seeks to promote a better appreciation of the rich cultures that make up Singapore’s multi-ethnic society. It is the first museum in the region to present a broad yet integrated perspective of pan-Asian cultures and civilisations. The museum specialises in the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, from which the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry. It also traces the pan diverse cultural roots of modern Singaporeans.
The Chinese collection is represented by fine Dehua porcelain figures, Taoist and Buddhistic statuary, export porcelain, calligraphy and other examples of decorative art.
The Southeast Asian collections are broad in scope and are rich in ethnological material. Representing the aristocratic art of ancient Southeast Asia are Khmer sculptures, Javanese temple sculpture (some on loan from Leiden), Buddhist art from Burma, Thailand and the Sinicised temple art of Vietnam. Peranakan gold, textiles, tribal ornament and theatrical masks are other strengths of the collection.
The South Asian Galleries feature statuary from a broad spectrum of periods including some fine Chola bronzes. Of particularly note is the Chola bronze sculpture of Uma, the consort of Shiva and that of Somaskanda. The early Buddhist art of India is also represented by works hailing from the Mathrua and Gandhara schools. The red sandstone Mathura Buddha of the museum’s collection dated to the Kanishka era is rare and masterful work. Other areas of note include South Indian woodwork, Nepali-Tibetan bronzes, textiles, late medieval miniatures and colonial prints.
Explore over 5,000 years of Asian creativity and ingenuity through ten galleries complemented by contemporary design, multimedia displays and interactive zones for children and adults.

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