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Where wonders bloom – there’s so much to explore and discover in Singapore’s newest icon, Gardens by the Bay. An awe-inspiring 101-hectare green zone with choice restaurants and garden spaces which provide unique discoveries at every turn. With a diverse range of plant life from every continent except the Antartica, , there’s plenty to see in this national garden – perhaps more than you can fit in a day! Whether you’re looking to get up close with exotic species in the Cooled Conservatories, marvel at towering vertical gardens or learn about the intricacies of plant life in the themed gardens. Attractions include :- Conservatory Complex -- The Conservatory Complex will be an architectural icon, a horticultural attraction and a showcase of sustainable energy technology. Comprising two biomes – the Flower Dome (1.2 hectare) and the Cloud Forest (0.8 hectare) – that display plants and flowers from the Mediterranean-type climatic regions and Tropical Montane (Cloud Forest) environments respectively, the Conservatory Complex will provide an all-weather “edutainment” space within the Gardens; The Supertrees – Designed as tree-like structures between 25 metres and 50 metres in height (9 to 16 storey), the 18 Supertrees are uniquely designed vertical gardens, with emphasis placed on creating a “wow” factor through the vertical display of tropical flowering climbers, epiphytes and ferns. At night, these canopies will come alive with lighting and projected media. Given our equatorial climate, the grove of Supertrees will help to ameliorate discomfort by providing shade and shelter with the canopy. The Supertrees will also be embedded with sustainable energy and water technologies that are integral to the cooling of the Conservatory. Horticultural Themed Gardens -- These gardens will showcase the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. Together with mass flowering and coloured foliage landscape, they will form a spectacle of colour and texture and fragrance within the Gardens, providing a mesmerising experience for visitors. There are 2 collections, namely the Heritage Gardens, World of Plants, which centre on the subjects: ‘Plants and People’ and ‘Plants and Planet’. Dragonfly Lake and Garden Cruiser. To ascertain the environmentally sensitive energy requirements of the Conservatory, NParks commissioned an energy modeling study. The study has shown that, by applying the latest cooling technologies, the energy consumption for the Conservatory is comparable to that of an average commercial building in Singapore of the same footprint and height, normalised to a 24-hour cooling period.

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