Singapore Packages

Singapore Packages

Try our Fantasical Singapore experiences, your will not be disappointed

Singapore Packages

10 Day Singapore and Malaysia Tour

Great Singapore & Malaysia experience

4D Sights and Sounds of Singapore

Our special 4 day tour covering the key historical sights and cultural attractions of the Lion City.

4D Singapore Honeymoon

Our special singapore experience for newly-weds.

Asian Culinary Delights

If you are looking beyond the sightseeing attractions, here's an opportunity to experience something interesting, authentic and unforgettable. Our hands-on cooking classes are designed to help you dive deep into the fascinating side of Singapore's food heritage.

Exploring Feng Shui Mysteries

An interesting tour that introduces you to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui or geomancy. The art harnesses the powers of nature to promote your business and general well-being.

The Peranakan Experience

Embark on a colourful journey into the history and lifestyle of the Peranakans. The Babas (refer to the men) are the descendants of the early Chinese immigrants from the Fujian Province of China who, in the 17th century, settled in the Malay archipelago consisting of Singapore, Malacca and Penang , and married the local Malay ladies. The Peranakan culture is a rich blend of the Chinese with some influence from the Portuguese, Dutch, Thai, Indian and Indonesian cultures. What has evolved in time is a community of people who observe traditional Chinese festivals and traditions, yet show a strong Malay influence in their food, language and dressings.

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