What to Pack

With warm tropical weather in the Maldives, its best to pack light cotton garments, linen wear, t-shirts and shorts for your vacation to the sunny side. For footwear flip flops and sandals will do just fine, and many of the resorts are quite laid back and maintains a casual ambiance.

Some of the essentials will include your swimsuits, trunks, sun screen and bikinis, everything you need to hit the beach to soak up the tropical sun. A pair of sunglasses and a hat will also come in handy. For all water activities, such as snorkeling, equipment will be available in all tourist resorts, so these are some of the items you wouldn’t need to bring along with you.

When visiting local inhabited islands or the capital city of Male’, it is important to be mindful to dress conservatively as to respect the local culture and religious norms. Ladies are advised to cover their shoulders and thighs, and if visiting a mosque, it is customary to cover your hair as a show of respect.

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